Commit to get fit - Mark Beresford

(Dictionary definition) a state or quality of being dedicated to a cause of activity.

Synonyms: dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, bond, adherence, attentiveness

If we take our time getting the foundations correct the rest will follow.

At Body Happy we are currently developing our own philosophy and progressions. We hope to be implementing these into our program design, which will help to draw a picture for our clients showing them the journey they can expect to make if they adhere to training.

And so to ‘fit’. What does ‘fit’ mean to you?

Take a look at all the athletes in the image — all fit? Of course! But in completely different ways.

So, what would actually constitute meeting these guidelines?

10,000 steps

  • Start moving more every day
  • Adhere and commit to the changes you implement
  • Try and find a form of exercise you like doing! That might be team sports, gardening, walking, running, yoga or swimming
  • Choose something that fits your lifestyle, whether that’s 1 x 30 minutes, 2 x 15 minutes, 3 x 10 minutes
  • Having a body mass index between 18.5–25 (if you are really muscular you may be above this)
  • Doing 30 minutes of physical activity every day
  • Low alcohol consumption — a max of 150ml of wine for women and 300ml of wine daily for men
  • Not smoking
  • A diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, but low in red meat, sugar and saturated fat.



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