The one-hour workout

Terry Cooper, our Deputy Head of Operations, Fitness and Performance, has the low-down on maximising your gym sessions.

10 / 30 / 20

Divide your workout into 3 sections and allow 10 minutes for preparation (Warm Up) and then 30/20 minutes for either strength or conditioning work. This can change day by day or week by week, based on training session outcomes.

  • 1A: Squat
  • 2A: Push Up or Bench Press
  • 3A: Hip Thrusts/Bridge
  • 4A: Upper Body Pull
  • 5A: Core

This type of workout set-up is great for developing work capacity and endurance; is varied in movements and gets a lot of work completed, so it’s really time efficient. Work capacity over time allows you to build resilience and strength, which helps you to absorb sessional increases in intensity without a negative effect (i.e injury as a result of an intensity that you aren’t ready for).

Clearly, if you are working in the higher loads of intensity then insufficient recovery can impact performance, progress and increase your likelihood of injury. This needs to be considered, but you can still fill resting time with low load or low intensity mobility and core work.



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