“Trust the small steps and make an exchange.”

Seven Sisters — Eastbourne. Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

This week our Deputy Head of Sport, Terry Cooper, shares what is currently helping him with his physical and mental wellness.

“In the last few weeks, I have had some ups and downs.

1. I changed my mindset from the run being something that I am doing for a physical benefit, to something that I am doing so that I achieve something that day.

2. The fact that I have changed my outlook to focus on the achievement of a run, rather than the purpose of the run, means that it doesn’t matter how far I go, how fast I run or where I go. As soon as I am out of the house, I have already won.

“Believe me, as someone who is classed as a fitness professional, this is a breath of fresh air; to not compare or have expectations.

Terry running on the seafront during the latest lockdown.

Find out more about our Home With Us online fitness programme by visiting the Sussexsport webpages.



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